Is there an easy map-based geotagging program?

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Re: Is there an easy map-based geotagging program?

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I'm looking for a Windows program to geotag Sony RAW AWR files. I'm not looking for a GPX program. I'm looking for a program where I can drag photos to a map and the program can write that geotagged information to my RAW files metadata. Ideally I'd be able to bring my AWR files into any photo editor and it will be able to read the geotag data.

I use Geosetter, but it doesn't modify the raw file; instead it creates a sidecar xmp file alongside your raw file, which should be picked up by your raw converter (Lr, C1, DxO or darktable recognize the xmp sidecars created by Geosetter). Geosetter doesn't support free access to Google Maps, but you can select the OpenStreet maps.

My understanding with Lightroom Classic is that it doesn't actually write geotag information to a file.

Lr Classic can write user input metadata to a sidecar xmp file, which many programs will recognize and use (e.g. FastPictureViewer or XnViewMP or C1 or darktable do read all the keywords and geotagging done in Lr).

Lightroom Classic just writes geotagged data on export, but all of that information is kept inside Lightroom. So if I take that same AWR into Capture One or On1 neither of those programs will see any geotag information. I could be wrong about this but my quick tests show this is how it works.

You need to select your images in Library module in Lr and hit Ctrl-S to write xmp sidecar files so that C1 could pick up the metadata info input in Lr.

I believe on Mac, Snafu is a program that does what I'm looking for. I'm hoping there is a Windows equivalent out there.

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