Question for film shooters

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Question for film shooters


Reposting due to the "excelent" DPR thread engine that didn't allow me to edit my thread, really thanks.

I was shooting with Provia 100F yesterday, my lens started malfunctioning so I was forced to stop mid shoot and go back to my digital gear leaving most of the film roll unused inside the camera.

Shot only about 10 frames with Provia, bummer.

I don't expect to have another shoot for at least 2 months.

Can Provia 100F sit in the camera undeveloped for that long and still keep 100% of its quality ?

The purpose is for professional use, so minimal loss of quality is a must.

Will it degrade in 2 months?

BTW, temperature here usually goes in the range of 24 - 28 Celsius.

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

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