Z50 and opting out of the 50-250mm - thoughts?

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Re: Z50 and opting out of the 50-250mm - thoughts?

If you look at it from the standpoint of balance, the Z native lenses even fully extended will not go as far out from the body as the F in the FTZ.  The function of the FTZ is really only as a spacer to set the focal point of the non-Z lens at the proper "film plane."  I found that the balance of the Z50 is amazing, when using the Z kit lenses.  I also found the lenses gave wonderful images, as good as I will ever need, since I do not expect to fill a wall with the images.  I don't have the 5500, I "only" have the 3400, but I can tell you for sure, that the 3400 becomes a bit of a nuisance when travelling, and I had to buy a strap to carry it comfortably, the Z50 feels comfortable just with the neck strap that came with it!  To me, at my age, that is even more important than the 2 ounces lighter the Z50 is than the 3400 or 5500.  When I looked at the 7100, and the 500, I was shocked at how heavy just the bodies alone were.

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