Which color do you prefer

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Which color do you prefer

I'm sorry, I just opened this same poll in the Sony forum, but I think it could be interesting to have a more diverse audience, that's why I'm posting it here as well:

There is a lot of discussion about Sony Colors, and most people agree that an important amount of the color output from a camera is due to the software used to develop the images, and the calibration profile used in that software.

From the thread here:


I downloaded some of the raws and now I am creating this pole to know some opinions.

So, all the pictures have been developed with default settings, I guess the WB was set in auto from the author of the picture (from the link above) and not modified, and the only change made has been the profile used in Lightroom to develop.

Later, after the pole have some votes, I will reveal what profile correspond to every crop.

I would like to know, besides your choice, the reasons why you choose one picture over another, and also your genre (it's interesting if there's a trend between men and women regarding colors).

Thank you for your cooperation

Admin, if there's an issue with the duplicity, please delete the post in the Sony forum if necessary.

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