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Re: wear/tear on shutter button

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I have both. Love the A7III, but found myself lusting after the A9 after fw 5.0 with the realtime tracking and it's electronic shutter.

Overall, for most photographers there's diminishing returns in spending the extra money.

For me, since I shoot weddings with fast primes mostly wide-open, I really take advantage of the extra couple of stops shutter speed. My f1.2 & 1.4 lenses can't really be shot wide-open on a sunny day on the A7III, but on the A9 I can get 1/32000 sec.

The electronic shutter is a game changer with the A9 as well. It is so discreet it really lets you get away with shooting anywhere. We sometimes run into staunch old catholic priests who seem to have it out for photographers. We've even had them say "no photos of any of the ceremony except the entrance and signing." Well, with the A9, they have no clue I'm even taking photos of the entire event.

Finally, the AF... Yes, it is a very significant upgrade. Both are absolutely competent and you'll be able to get the shot with focus where you want it, but the A9 makes it much easier. The tracking on it is ridiculously persistent.

agreed with all the above AND... no actuation count! I've had my a9 over 2 years now and click count is still under 1900! Yet, I easily shoot 1000 on any birding outing. My a9 is in electronic shutter 95% of the time, the only reason I even have around 1900 actuation count is because I've had to use it for photoshoots using strobes. less shutter movements means wear and tear (and I would think holds the value more)

Note: I also own the R4 and previously owned the R3 and R2

How is the shutter button holding up?

lol... no issues there. THE ONLY issue I'm kind of having with the a9 is the USB port, when I do firmware updates, the computer sometimes say it doesn't detect any cameras attached. I have to wiggle the cable a little by the port (and yes, I've tried different cables), this DOES worry me a little

Previously, i would have laughed at the shutter button question too, but the fact is i have already had the circuit of the shutter button replaced due to malfuntioning, so...

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