Australian Bushfires update (O/T)

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Re: Australian Bushfires update (O/T)

IC MJG wrote:

I can assure the fires are not out. We just got another extreme roll in of hazardous smoke on Australia Day this evening in Canberra. Summer this year has been depressing with not being able to breath fresh air and with only having evaporative cooling I have had many restless nights without air conditioning. Last Monday Canberra had a hail storm that pummeled my car to a pulp. Then we had those crazy winds on Thursday that whiped a fire near the airport and were responsible for taking down that fire fighting aircraft near Cooma.

There was good rain on the NSW North Coast and the temporary hiatus of national news on the southern state fires lead me to think that the  worst of the fires were over. Not so and you have my sincere sympathy.

The slightly annoying thing is the seeming general perception that the fires in Northern NSW and Southern Queensland are yesterdays news - almost as if they had not happened. Even a map on television last night only showed the “extreme destruction” south of Sydney. It seems that the northern fires are being whitewashed from history despite being just as damaging and ferocious right up to almost New Years Eve when the southern end really only started to do serious damage.

Support from the army navy and reserves were only invoked after the New Year?  Despite the fires raging for months before and destroying 2+ million hectares, and causing substantial property damage and some loss of life. The NSW Government had already thought the fires in the North bad enough to declare a state of emergency. I agree that fire fighting at its basics is a state responsibility.

To be fair South and West Australia have had their share of very serious fires and the fires in Victoria have been an extension of those in Southern NSW.

What is surprising and part of the disconnect was that after months of very serious fires “up north” that were obviously marching steadily south that so many chose nevertheless to have their annual holidays as usual on the South Coast of NSW and in Victorian Gippsland in what were very obviously very fire prone areas this season.

The fact that so many city holidaymakers were caught out in bushfires in the Southern parts might  be one of the reasons just why the current plight of these burned areas is so (currently) more newsworthy than the earlier areas.

There seems to be a certain NIMBY (they are not in my back yard so don’t worry ... yet) attitude until the flames are coming over the nearest ridge.

I will admit to a certain feeling of relief that our local 180,000 hectare sideshow fire was stopped pre-New Year 12 kms away by dedicated professional band of volunteers and some serious help from aerial tankers which also were based near here and were flying regularly overhead.

We had our own weeks of sun-obscuring bushfire smoke haze.  Now gone - NIMBY

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