ALL Gone - When good-enough is no longer good-enough

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ALL Gone - When good-enough is no longer good-enough

Spent the weekend looking over my old photos comparing my newly acquired EM1 II + Oly 60mm Macro/25mm 1.8 pics to my old D7200 105mm Macro pics and borrowed a Sony A7 III to see for myself.

While being an "average" photographer at best In doing the admittedly subjective and unscientific comparison I came to the following conclusions:

  1. I am absolutely in love with the EMI II hardware...the camera's functions, grip, features and technical capabilities much of which are understandably made possible by it utilizing the MFT system.
  2. The MFT size advantage is no longer such a selling point for me when I look at the Oly Pro series lenses and compare them to the FF competition. Yes MFT is smaller and more convenient but NOT to the point where I am willing to sacrifice IQ.
  3. I have come to grips with the plethora of reviews many of which espouse the benefits of MFT and its "good-enough" IQ.
  4. On occasion I need to shoot in low-light with fast shutter speeds and low ISO where 2 stops becomes relevant.
  5. A 50 MP raw still is of little advantage to me as I don't blow up my prints and do not pixel peep at 1:1.
  6. I am no longer willing to convince myself  MFT is "good-enough" or competitive with other system alternatives.
  7. Given my skill level my ability to extract much better photos (especially sharpness) with the D7200 when comparing my photos its obvious.
  8. The Sony A7III picture quality (Sony 85mm my hands) blows away the EM1 II even when using a borrowed Oly 40-150 2.8 Pro lens/25mm 1.8, handheld/tripod/ all aspects.
  9. While I admire what Robin Wong can do with his EMI II...I'm not Robin Wong.
  10. I dread my next steps in finding something I loved to shoot with as much as I did the EMI II but was always disappointed when looking at the results in LR and comparing it to my D7200 (yes I know...apples and oranges).

While this post, is sincerely not intended to "troll" this forum I am curious in hearing the views of others who perhaps may have lost their confidence in MFT as I have.

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