Adobe RGB monitor usage?

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Re: Adobe RGB monitor usage?

MarkMyWords wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

MarkMyWords wrote:

I have a Dell Ultrasharp UP2516D monitor with 100% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB. The extended colour gamut is very noticeable...unsurprisngly.

Is the general practice to use the monitor in sRGB mode for digital publishing?

No. The general practice is to convert to sRGB before posting. The wider is the monitor gamut the better, because wider gamut allows to convert to sRGB in a more controlled fashion.

Yep - LR export seems to have sRGB conversion selected by default, which I've been using after editing in RAW. Presumably this conversion boosts the saturation of colours to approximate the wider gamut?

Working colour space in Lightroom has ProPhoto RGB gamut. Internal colour transforms are more or less optimized for Adobe RGB gamut.

My output colour space in a raw converter is always set to the widest sensible (it is ProPhoto in Lightroom / Adobe CameraRaw). I can alway convert to the necessary colour space in Photoshop, at a later stage, with the full control over the conversion, from fully automatic single-click operation to meticulous manual pre-adjustment of the image to compensate perceptually for the gamut compression.

My problem occurred when using, and saving to jpeg. Colours on iPhone were dulled down badly, presumably because it didn't apply sRGB conversion to compensate for reduced display range?

That's a typical effect when an application ( in your case) is not colour-savvy and assumes some colour space (usually sRGB) for an input file and / or the output file doesn't have a proper colour space tag and / or embedded profile.

Check what your version of is doing in terms of colour management. This doesn't sound encouraging.

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