Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

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Re: Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

labalaba wrote:

What's wrong with the advice you received early on, which was to consider a used 80-200/f2.8 AF lens with a D7xxx camera? I see one of these lenses available now at KEH for $260.

Yes, this is a good option and I have been looking for this combo. I'm afraid of a "bargain" rating at KEH though. This particular 70-200 is the push pull model and I've read that because they're older now, you have to be careful buying used and abused ones.

Also, I thought that a fixed 2.8 70-200 is what was recommended? They would be more expensive hough, correct?

I have a few options now. I'm also looking at a Canon 7D Mark II along with the D7200. Checking eBay for body and lens combos as well as the used websites.

The other way I could go is cheaper... a used D 5300 or D5500 and an 85mm 1.8 for indoors and 70-300 VR for outdoors. I don't know if I need pro equipment for my purposes. I would appreciate the lighter weight. I will go to a store to check out how some of these feel.

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