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That the people who complain the most about alleged problems with cameras never produce their own shots as evidence, with a request to help sort out the issue. How can you possibly know the photographers intent of the shots you posted? How do you know they didn't process those shots to look exactly as they did? In fact I'll wager that's exactly what they did considering some of them are commercial shots.

I personally have had no issues with colour with the SD-Q, apart from when I've made a mistake with white balance. There are enough people shooting commercially with a Quattro sensor for me to believe it's not the sensor that's the problem, apart from my own experience obviously.

The only issue I've ever experienced in terms of colour, is yellow can blow out easily, especially on things such as waxy flower petals, but that is not unique to the foveon sensor, plenty of bayer sensors have difficulty with that scenario, and the Quattro sensor's more limited dynamic range is not exactly a secret.

I find that my film scan produce more natural looking color (to my mind's eye) than any digital camera file I have. The number of unique colors is much higher also. With sigma Q files, I get around 400k unique colors. With my 16-bit scans, I get 3-6 million unique colors. With cell phone camera shots, it ranges from 80k-200k unique colors.

For the scans, I am using an IT8 slide, and Silverfast and fluid mounting.

How many megapixels are the scans ?

I would expect to see more colours if there are more pixels. The number could also be affected by the number of bits used for calculations in Silverfast and SPP.

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