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richard stone wrote:

I recently posted a picture of the wife, who at the time was in shadow so the light was somewhat reduced and a bit on the blue side, and she had no make-on. But with skin you don't just get the surface reflection. Particularly with Foveon. And Foveon sensors are quite sensitive to the illumination.

I assume you are talking about colours -- after all, it's the sensor's job to be sensitive to the illumination.

Indeed, Arg. The sensitivity is 9uV/electron for my F13-powered Sigmas, about 0.8V/lux-sec:.

But Richard may not have meant actual sensitivity ...

A sensor with three kinds of photo-detector can be said to be sensitive to the differences between their output voltages, from which one can calculate hue, saturation and lightness (or L, a and b , or whatever).

But isn't it a Very Bad Thing to have colours change with the illumination level?

Or did you just mean sensitive to the light type? i.e. if the white balance is wrong, the colour tint is stronger.

My Sigmas have a WB preset called "Shade" which seems to help with those blue-ish tints - but I wonder what else one gets, other than skin surface reflection - particularly with Foveon?

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