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jersey moe wrote:

Update sony a6300 to a6600 is there a big difference

Hello Jersey Moe,

In my opinion the a6600 is the current indisputable best aps-c sensor camera ever produced. You possibly don't follow dxo or photontophotos but if dxo did ever evaluate the sensor and I have no reason not to trust photontophotos results then the a6600 would probably break through 90 score or at least be close.

The a6600 and Nikon's older dslr the d7200 go toe to toe on dynamic range at base but from iso400 the a6600 is better and the overall noise profile the best aps-c bayer sensor measured to date. It's unlikely the a6600 will not be crowned king of the aps-c sensor cameras if dxo were to evaluate it. In many respects this camera is the closest you will ever come to shooting FF and if you desire a FF camera with an f4 zoom I'd say think again, the 16-55 2.8 is going to be better than anything with an f4 zoom on ff, especially Sony's own 24-70 and I'd definitely go 16-55 2.8 before I ever chose the Tamron 28-75, despite the equal f stop.

Enough of the sensor it is one of the best sensor's you can buy but why else buy an a6600?

Battery, seems a small thing, I never carry a spare now, no need, this battery goes days/weeks depending on what you do

The grip, quite unashamedly the best grip I've ever encountered, to give credit to Fuji the x-h1 had a similar grip but the evf on that camera was awful and in the center, the a6600 is Leica-esque and where all viewfinders should be, on the left corner, no excuses, no discussion, left corner, I never buy center evf bodies willingly!

af, no need for discussion, superb and the mag mode and the real-time af with hair-cross excellent, not sure a6300 has this? But eye af is very good, what type of images do you take?

ibis, if you have any desire on primes and the 16-55 2.8, why skimp, the ibis is at least 3 stops and probably 4 if not quite 5 but many are the same, the smaller sensor Olympus goes further at very low shutter speeds but apart from that they are similar, a6600 ibis is excellent imo

the buffer is around 50 raw only and with best in class sd it clears in roughly 25seconds and you can operate the camera, slowly, whilst it clears, generally I don't shoot more than 30 in a burst and it clears in 15 but you can shoot another burst in reserve, so no issue with the burst

the touchscreen is very fluid, I use it as a trackpad while looking through the ev, it's one of the best I have used, better than Panasonic even and especially better than Olympus, joysticks are overplayed along with the front dial.

Taken as a whole, the feel, the image quality and the responsiveness there is no equal currently to the a6600!

Here I compared the a6600 to the a7r4

a7r4 left

Honestly, I prefer the a6600 for color rendition of skin but I know dpr was messing with these test's so I'm not sure if its accurate.

Here I can take 2k,4k and 8k image for respective screens and the a6600 allows 60mp images for print.

8k screen, if you have one?

4k screen

2k screen

And if you are techy, how the a6600 stacks up in sensor performance against some alternatives

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