Z6: Good, first generation camera

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Z6: Good, first generation camera

I'm a dual m43 and F mount user. I resisted long to upgrade my old Nikon D600 but finally made my move last month (December 2019) with a shiny new Z6 camera.

I'm not going to waste time writing in detail how this camera works, I will just go with the assumption anyone reading this is already familiar with the camera. So this is just a quick summary of what I like and what I don't like about this particular model. Just one random guy's opinion.


  • Nice body, nice grip, slightly bigger than an Olympus E-M1 (but significantly heavier). I like the balance between size and comfort.
  • Good AF, pretty sticky, good with faces/eyes, can still get distracted, can be improved upon. I can work with this. Good enough for me.
  • Good IQ, good JPEGs, good latitude with RAW, good DR, high ISO can be pushed quite high and I like how most details/colors are retained, AWB sometimes off though no matter how i set it in menus.
  • Excellent video quality (for my casual use anyway).
  • fast (enough) continuous drive and good buffer space.
  • Good legacy F mount support (with lenses with AF motor built-in), big reason for me to stick with Nikon over other systems (Canon R was a strong rival though), saving lots of money that way.
  • Excellent kit lens, good compromize between range, IQ, size and cost. Another big reason why I chose this system over others, a bit plasticky though, meh focus by wire, minimum focus distance good but could be better.
  • weather sealing and IBIS included in this first generation of cameras, IBIS good for FF, weather sealing not tested, but looks legit, extendable double barrel kit lens might be weak point of weather sealing though.
  • Nikon didn't go cheap with the EVF, back LCD and top LCD, EVF a bit laggy though, back LCD only tilty (a negative in my book, though others actually prefer this).
  • 1/8000 shutter. First curtain shutter goes all the way to 1/2000. Silent (electronic shutter) mode.


  • Obviously not a carry-anywhere camera.
  • Native primes bigger and pricier than F-mount equivalents. FTZ adapter is handy because I'm sticking with my F mount primes.
  • Limited selection of native lenses (understandable with a system so young, but an issue nonetheless) and most of them are good, but not spectacular (compared to R mount in particular).
  • XQD memory card, blah, don't like them, difficult to find and they're pricey. No second SD card slot so stuck with XQD. This came close to be a deal breaker for me.
  • no flash of any kind, sometimes low light just means bad light, extra equipment required for this camera in those situations
  • sensor is a dust magnet. Anti dust system not particularly effective. Having to (indirectly) force the shutter mechanism to close when changing lenses (as a precaution against dust) is inconvenient
  • rolling shutter with video/electronic shutter

So overall, I'm a satisfied customer and will probably use this camera for many years to come.

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