Photoshop Re-Sizing Question

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Photoshop Re-Sizing Question

I have what will hopefully be a few easy questions for some on this forum.

I'm curious about a particular scenario when in the Photoshop> Image>"Image Size" tab.  This is connected to my interest in properly sizing and subsequently sharpening for that size, with the photo eventually being sent off for printing.

Background Info.

  • Sony A7R3 RAW Files. 
  • Dimensions are 7952 px X 5304 px natively.  3/2 aspect ratio setting

When attempting to re-size to another 3/2 ratio, i'm not getting an exact, even number for the setting i'm attempting to enter.

Example.  I'm attempting to resize (reduce/going smaller) to a 24 x 16 (Also a 3/2 ratio).  As you can see in the below photos, using the link option in the image size section, and checking the re-sample option, or leaving resample unchecked, I can't set the dimensions exactly. The height is exact at 16 when entering 16, but the width ends up being "23.988".  Now, i'm assuming that's not an issue, but i'm not positive.  Is this normal?  Shouldn't it be an exact 3/2 aspect ratio (24x16) and not 23.988 x 16?  Now, I know I can unlink the dimensions, and by doing so, I'm able to enter the dimensions exactly as 16X24.  However, i'm not sure what, if any, issue(s) arise by unlinking the dimensions.

In watching an online professional photographer re-size his photos in the 3/2 aspect space, he is able to enter it exactly as 16X24 when linked.  Not sure why it works for him and it's not for me.  Any thoughts?

Thus, my questions are:

1) Can anyone explain why this is happening?  is it an issue?  If yes, how do I correct it?

2)  Would unchecking the link dimension (manually entering the exact numbers) be a negative or should I always use the automatic sizing (linked) option?  What's the pros/cons of each option?

3) If i'm downsizing slightly, and have more than enough resolution (over 300), should I use the resample option at all or should I un-check it?  Another option would be to use the "bicupic sharper" algorithm option since i'm slightly reducing the size.  Thoughts on that?

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.  It's greatly appreciated.

The first two photos below are what I'm seeing and the third is the example provided in a tutorial I own (reference above).

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