How about a GR-III Monochrom ?

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Re: How about a GR-III Monochrom ?

John Gellings wrote:

Headforthehills wrote:

It would not take much engineering resource for Ricoh to order a batch of sensors without the Bayer filter and release an GR-IIIM ( perhaps that's not what they should call it)

Would you buy in for the extra sensitivity, sharpness and more organic high ISO noise ?

They can`t even release a GR except for every 5 years... I think we`d see a different focal length before a B&W only camera.

The whole Ethos if the Ricoh GR is based on a 28mm focal length. I find it laughable that they would ever change it. I would expect and Monochrom V2 before a different focal length ever gets issued.

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