Solid beginner On-camera flash for A7R4 (low weight)

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Solid beginner On-camera flash for A7R4 (low weight)

I try to buy my first (on-camera) flash for getting some early experience with it.

Requirements: Not too heavy (good balance with A7R4 and prime in the 200 - 500 gram area; approx. below 350 gram?), middle power/performance (I don't need to light a big loft studio), usable for wider angle lenses (don't know until which focal length this is really realistic), good build quality, maybe possibility for doing off camera later.

In the meanwhile I'm very lost. After doing some research I built the following short list and ordered them from Amazon:

- Meike MK320 S

- Sony HVL-F45RM

- Godox V1 S

Maybe not the best selection as devices are not really comparable. Also saw the Nissin i40 but removed it from my list, as Nissin documentation said that it is not compatible (seems a bit weird as MI shoe should be the same), but also did not like the analogue controls.

After trying them all my favorite was to my big surprise not the Godox V1 but the Sony HVL-F45RM. The most expensive one, but lightweight, small, good and clear menu (controls and menu of Godox V1 are somehow funny). Godox V1 is impressive, but also already heavy and maybe a bit oversized for me regarding power, build quality could be better, but the accessory kit looked like as it could bring some fun.

Meike MK320 is really light, but no HSS (HSS sounds as it is important).

Now I tried them with different lenses, mainly Batis 40 and Sony 12-24 (I'm a wide angle shooter, sometimes also doing lost place, so usable flash would be great for that), and HVL-F45RM seemed to bring the best results but could also be my lack of practice and coincidence.

Maybe there are better alternatives to the upper ones or some clones with better build quality? Sony seems to be very expensive if I try to extend the setup maybe later?

Can you give a recommendation which flash is maybe the best starting point for me?


1. I'm also very new to the terms like TTL, HSS, Guide Number ... and so on so please forgive if I'm mentioning the completely wrong topics for selecting a flash.

2. Also tried to find similar questions in this forum, but all questions regarding flash of the last month were much more specific.

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