G7x mkII repair experiences - Mode/EV dial

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Re: G7x mkII repair experiences - Mode/EV dial

Sorry for delay before an update... but just completed replacement of the GX7 mII top panel - with SUCCESS!!!

$29.98 for the part from China delivered (took ~3wks) - aliexpress.

Part received looked good - likely off a refurbished or parts camera... dial and all buttons cycled fine.

Youtube videos and Google to show how to remove and access the top panel.  Hardest point is managing the ZIF ribbon cable connectors (have to do 2)... eyes aren't what they once were... but I did something right... IT ALL WORKS!

Highly recommend if needed (ie damaged top dial from drop).

$329 was Canon estimate... now I can look to sell to get a GX5 mark II (as I would love the viewfinder for beach and bright sun shots!)... but that will be awhile LOL

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