Adobe RGB monitor usage?

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Re: Adobe RGB monitor usage?

MarkMyWords wrote:

I have a Dell Ultrasharp UP2516D monitor with 100% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB. The extended colour gamut is very noticeable...unsurprisngly.

Is the general practice to use the monitor in sRGB mode for digital publishing?

No. The general practice is to convert to sRGB before posting. The wider is the monitor gamut the better, because wider gamut allows to convert to sRGB in a more controlled fashion.

Most of the world doesn't have the Adobe RGB colour range. For example, my iPhone X displays quite differently to the monitor configured in Adobe RGB, e.g. substantially dulls/normalises some colours.

It may be a matter of the colour management setup.

Adobe RGB intended for printing?

No. Printer profile is intended for printing.

As an aside, the UP2516D monitor has a disappointing contrast ratio (with no amount of adjustment) - my Huawei Matebook Pro much better for example.

300 cd/m² and 1000:1 contrast is disappointing?

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