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Instead of trying to make every camera look identical, I prefer to let each play to its strengths. It's not just the Sigma that struggles with the adjustments above, the blue playing cards went all indigo in the Hasselblad file...

The Phase One Trichromatic sensor is supposed to be as colour accurate as is possible.

I think that should be "claimed to be". I would be interested to see a white paper giving a full technical argument, or perhaps a patent.

Mostly this page is marketing puff but as I understand it, they developed optimised CFA filters to provide results that are a best match to the eye's colour response. Mainstream CFA are colour compromised slightly in the search for better high ISO performance.

Here's a deeper discussion with examples

It's interesting largely because it tells us that some of the deficiencies of Bayer sensors can be addressed - it's a design decision. Mainstream sensors are not as good at colour as the technology's potential - presumably because the manufacturer thinks very few people care and the trade off is worth it.

This old article seems relevant at first:

Foveon gets a mention:

"Use of the criterion is illustrated with two types of a light sensor and demonstrated, that, within the limit of accuracy provided by present-day Colorimetry, sensors designed by Foveon with an appropriate filters may be used in an accurate color-capturing system. So, a moment when a digital camera providing correct colors enters the market is not so far." (my emphasis)

Unfortunately, that moment never came because the Foveon under discussion is the original F7 and Sigma changed from optical glass on the sensor (SD9) to a removable dichroic filter with the SD10, et subs.

Maybe the dp/DP models still have optical glass filters - SigmaTog might know ...

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Too many variables, not enough grey cells ...

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