Experience with Z6 in very cold weather

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Re: Experience with Z6 in very cold weather

Philipp89 wrote:

jfw wrote:


Thanks for posting about use of Z6 in very cold weather - very helpful. I was just about to inquire re: how many have such experience before I saw your post (others: please post if you have similar experiences).

How long did you have the Z6 in the cold continuously: 1 hour at a time? all day? And did you take any steps to protect the camera itself (i.e., not the extra batteries) from the cold while you out shooting?

I used my Z7 successfully in Greenland last Sept for long periods, but the coldest it got was -2C. I've also used my Z7 successfully in Upstate at -10C for several hours with no issues.

But this April I'm headed to Svalbard where it will probably be -20C for long shooting periods. So I've been wondering how the Z7 will perform - while assuming I'll be fine based on my experience so far. (I just bought a 2nd Z7, so this time the D800 is starting at home.)

Also, I've never been fully happy with my shooting gloves - what did you use?



Hey Jerry,

very good questions!

In those 3 weeks I never brought the camera to the fireplace so I think it never faced temperatures higher than 0C unless it was sunny (ignoring fact that I put the batteries with me in my sleeping bag during first 1-2 weeks). When I was shooting the stars it was stored in my room for few hours at -10C to -15C until it was used for approx. half an hour at -20C to -25C without issues. I did not protect the camera itself at any point (shooting or not). I was only worried what would happen to the batteries.

Nonetheless the camera was stored in my 5L everyday sling (peak design) which performed also very nice during heavy snowfall.

I got gloves against extreme cold (actually they are designed for ice climbing) which are very nice (from outdoor research). They got a goretex membran which I highly recommend as they work from +10C to -25C. But they are not very comfortable to use them for shooting unless you make only minor changes in settings. Most of the time I was using some gloves by Roeckl. They also have a goretex membran (goretex infinium) and very good grip. They were much cheaper and usually it took 10-20min until my hands got seriously cold which was enough when shooting. Maybe you could think about some combination of inner and outer gloves.

Svalbard is very nice! I have met one guy from there in Nepal and I am thinking about some dog-sledding tour there

Hi Philipp,

Great news that you never had the camera above 0C really for 3 weeks, used it down to -20C or so with no special protection, and all was well.  Makes me more confident that I'll be fine in Svalbard (but will keep spare batteries warm).  Thanks again for posting your real-life field experience.

On the gloves, I'll check out the OR ones but, geez, like you said still not really what you'd like.  I must have 10 pairs for various purposes, old and new, and really don't have anything I'd be comfortable shooting in for 8 hours at -20C... oh well.

Yes, from what I've seen in images and video, Svalbard is a great place.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing it live.

BTW - if you have a link to your images, I'd love to see the rest.



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