Do you maintain a different system for different photography needs?

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Good topic.

I see it today like this:  It's possible to use one system today, but it really depends on what you're doing.

For general photography, I think it's pretty hard to beat Sony as a single system.  Now that their AF is improved and that there is a very good lens lineup and plenty of 3rd party support, you can shoot that system as apsc or FF, and do it for landscape, events, birding, studio, macro---a whole lot.  But added to that is also very good video.

You can do the above with Canon and Nikon also, but I think they lag behind now a bit. I don't see them closing the gap much with Sony---they gave them too much of a headstart (from hubris, I think).

But for more specialized photography, I think this is an open question.  For most of what I do, It's Pentax that gives me the best options---I shoot medium format and FF.  You can only do medium format and apsc with Fuji, and you can't do medium format with anyone else. So, Pentax is actually the best choice for me.

The rub, though, is video.  I don't do much, but I could and should do more.  Since Pentax currently lags behind everyone else in video, that's a potential issue for me.  At work I can use the museum's Canon cameras, but it does mean I have to mentally shift gears, and I can't use my own gear.  And I definitely don't want to dump my excellent Pentax gear to go back to Sony (and I liked my Sony cameras a lot).

So, If I'm going to do video, it probably means a second system. Sony?  I'm familiar with them and like them. Panny?  No experience with them, but they may be the front runner in a video-centric body.  Canon?  Well, at least I could use the gear at work...

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