Backpack or Shoulder bag?

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Re: Backpack or Shoulder bag?

Such a simple question, that's so personal and there is just not a perfect solution.

I always try to make my setup lighter and smaller. About 7 years ago, i had a really nice small setup, it was just 1 camera with 1 lens and a couple of batteries & SD cards.

Perfect setup with a small little Camera bag, i could drop it in any bag i wanted and it was well protected. I even had room for some clothes and food. I quickly added the peak design capture clip for longer hikes (got myself a V3 version now).

Added a couple of more lenses, my girlfriend got herself a nice camera, we both upped our gear which we thought we needed, like a tripod, drone, gimbal, filters because we also started making some nice video's.

Got myself a bigger better well padded(inside) camera rug sack and realized i was constantly switching the inside for extra space like a jacket and some food.

I used a lot of dedicated camera bags, even 3 months ago i tried the peak design 30L everyday, it was on sale because of the v2. I had to test it cause so many people love it. I already own some products of them and they work great. Quickly i realized this was not the bag for me and again i realized what i great setup i had 7 years ago.

So... back to the drawing board, i stripped down my camera gear, exchanged equipment to make it smaller and less complicated.

I got myself a system which is an FF body and 2 lenses, i already owned Peak Design 5L sling which was a perfect match. My girlfriend did the same, a great APS-C camera with 2 lenses and got it in an even smaller nice well padded bag. We both got a nice hiking bag with great suspension on it, which is really really comfortable.

We are using the same concept as 7 years ago, a great setup with a small nice well padded bag just for our cameras, which we now use as a camera insert in our hiking bags when needed. If we are in the city we just use our small camera bags, this is perfect because u don't need a lot of stuff.

When we hike we use the capture clip for easy access.

It is very personal, at the moment, this is what keeps us bringing our gear. Thats the whole point!

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