X100F, coming from GFX 50R and RX1R

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X100F, coming from GFX 50R and RX1R

Good day folks!

I literally just got this camera yesterday and I'm loving it already! I didn't quite impress with the camera "on paper" thus never consider it all these years. However, shooting with one completely change my view!

Many of the good (and bad) stuffs already covered all over the forums and reviews so I'll just mention things that I found interesting (in a good way):

  1. Lens - for some weird reason this lens is very easy to shoot with, there seems to be less distortion, very easy to "line up" the framing. Love the glow wide open and by f4 the lens actually shoot very sharp pictures.
  2. Color response - messing with color tones with RX1R and 50R weren't easy, at times they are so contrasty, digging the shadows and adding clarity do more damage than enhancing it . But it's just so liberal with X100 output. So much so that even the jpegs are easy to edit.
  3. DOF (compare to FF/MF) - this is where smaller format shines. Getting large DOF on larger sensor isn't always easy, and larger DOF means a lot less lights. I can shoot X100 with f4-f5.6 at night and still able to use low ISO and thus, better dynamic range.
  4. Exposure - this is an interesting one. The exposure seem to lean towards over exposing even with the same setting compared to my other cameras, and highlight dynamic range isn't great. Dialling down the exp comp to -2/3ev remedy those problems and end up with lower ISO/faster shutter speed as bonus.

It had been some difficult time to do something crazy with RX1R and 50R, more often than not, the image quality just...Too good. I mainly use 50R ever since I got it and shooting street is clunky and files aren't the easiest to edit. I find GFX unforgiving with less than ideal lightings, or just being me lacking in skill. I shoot a lot of travel photos and good light isn't always a choice, and I find myself taking more boring pictures. But now I have a new favourite camera that made me understand that having the best sensor and lens doesn't always make the best pictures.

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