Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

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Re: Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

Cooper21 wrote:

What do you thinK? What was your impression of the 18-200 VR lens?

This is an older lens designed as a do-everything lens, convenient for travel, although in my opinion it is replaced by the newer 18-140 VR which is better in all respects. Both these lenses, but the 18-200 VR particularly, is a slow lens, not exceptional optically, with not very rapid focus. I would think it is one of the poorest choices you could make for sports, especially indoor sports.

Okay, thanks.

Looking at the 70 - 300mm VR DX AF-P that has been suggested here. This would be for outdoor sports, baseball, etc... Does anyone know if it works on a D7200?

I would have to buy another lens for indoor swim, maybe an 85mm 1.8? I know I'm blowing my budget, but I want to get it right too.

Both revisions of the 18-200 VR work great for vacation photos, but I did not find it an optimal lens for indoor sports.  The 18-140 VR also did not work well for figure skating, due to the aperture and 140mm reach (not far enough).  The AF-P 70-300 VR DX lens works well being sharp and fast focusing, but the VR cannot be shut off on the D7100/D7200.  The VR can be shutoff for AF-P 70-300 VR FX on the D7100/D7200.

The question to keep in mind when looking at lenses would be how close can you get to the subject/athletes?  An 85/1.8 might work well if it gives you the reach to properly fill the frame.  For my photographing figure skating a max aperture of f4 gives a balance between depth of field, light gathering, and cost.

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