Latest Fuji X-trans vs Bayer, has X-trans lost it already?

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Results: X-AR+LR 6 outresolves X-pro3+Iridient

Since none of the X-trans proponents bothered to demonstrate the superiority of X-Pro3 with a good raw engine, I downloaded the evaluation copy of the X-transformer and tried to see if X-trans with Iridient can outresolve X-A5 with LR.

So here are the results, four images compared:

  • XA-5 with OOC Jpegs
  • XA-5 raws LR6
  • X-Pro3 raws, Iridient, smooth, all settings as in the link below
  • X-Pro3 raws, Iridient, detailed, the rest of the settings as in the link below

The following areas are to be checked

  • the suit of the guy on 20 schilling bill
  • the area above the coins with a mesh pattern
  • The pink rubber band and the hair above the band
  • Lorenz Frolich eyes

So here it comes, I can clearly see X-A5+LR6 resolving more details than X-Pro3+Iridient, check the suit of the guy on the bill again, do you?
If anyone thinks they can get better results with X-Pro3, please do be my guest and show what you get.
Otherwise, the conclusion is that fuji bayer sensors are more capable than X-trans at least at low light. I might do the same test at low light with high ISO, but I already doubt the results will be different.

Iridient configured as in this link.

The best results are claimed to be with Iridient doing the demosaicing and color noise cleaning, while the sharpening is done with LR. I did try playing with sharpening and denoising with Iridient, ended up with vertical and horizontal oversharpening artefacts, so I believe this guy has a fair point. I tboth detailed and smooth options are included in the test.

No processing rather than the following:

  • Matched WB by the color checker in the photos
  • Plaid with Contrast/Exposure with OOC jpeg to match other three images
  • Sharpening to squeeze the maximum amount of details out of each of the images

The main problem with X-Pro3 was that I had to push the sharpness as much as I could to match X-A5 raws, otherwise the details were lost. Unfortunately at some point vertical and horizontal oversharpening artefacts appeared without resolving more details.

So I pushed the sharpness on X-pro3 as far as I could before seeing the vertical/horizontal artefacts Frolich's portrait.

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