Apparition on the street

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Re: Apparition on the street

Vidau wrote:

Very interesting and poetic words, but why put a straitjacket on art or narrow creativity in genres or photographic labels?

What is the title of the forum
THIS FORUM Vidau ..?

Does it say the 'Art Photography' forum.
Where are you at this particular point in time ..?????

I did no such thing about restricting art, what you said, is that it does not matter if it is Street Photography or not.

How is it you can demand this artistic freedom, when a Street Photographer in a Street Photography forum cannot. If you were in an Art forum, this whould not even be discussed.

This is very odd (and sad) from you is right there in front of us. Honestly, I am surprised and sad (for the second time).

Let me ask you ..when you posted the hcb photo of the man jumping the puddle ..did you see the poster in the background surprising how many don't.
I am already a million times sure that you didn't see it either ..otherwise we would not be having this very conversation.

Street is not a photo taken in a Street, if that is your rudimentary definition, then you need to put in some effort ..and answer your (very empty) question yourself.

If you want artistic freedom to do anything ..then you need to ask dpr (again) for an Art forum. Then we will see whether your labels matter or not.

Of course the bubble contains the photographer, and inside of it is where we find the personal challenge. Even a person doing push-ups needs a floor to push against

How would you even question and challenge art without labels and definintions, it like an attempt to censor, and say that even words (or friendships) are unimportant.


Dear Mr. Ant:

I don't like your way of imposing a criterion considering yourself the supreme judge of the SP forum, I respect your thinking and I ask you not to criminalize mine.

I appreciate that you have noticed my photo and that you have taken the time to express your ideas to me, I hope to have your criticism in my future posts.

I'm not going to answer anything else about this matter, so don't bother you answering me,

Best regards

..sounds like your ideas of freedom and friendship are different to mine
(for a second time)

You never even apologized to me back then.

As for the supreme judge slur, I am only the audience, the content is yours, ..I never put it there.

We dont add things in Street, and it is still the Street forum and not the art forum and what you don't get is that it is an agonizing thing that every street Photographer goes through to want to (sometimes) add something, I remember martin had a photo, he was desperate to edit in a paper plane but knew he couldn't. I don't make the rules, Street is already what it is and of course there are rules (but I never made them).


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