24-70 f/2.8 Z landscape test vs competing zooms

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24-70 f/2.8 Z landscape test vs competing zooms

I originally posted this to the Sony forum since nearly all the lenses I compared were for the E-Mount but I'll post here as well for those interested in the 24-70Z's infinity/landscape performance. The results aren't directly comparable since I shot the E-Mount lenses on the A7r IV (60MP) vs the Z7 for the 24-70 (45MP) but it still gives an idea of just how good the 24-70Z is. The new sigma DN put in a strong performance as well.

All taken on an A7r IV except for Nikon 24-70Z shot on a Z7. Focused at center at f/2.8 for each focal length. Tripod, 2-second timer delay, electronic shutter, IS off. ISO 200. Four sets taken for every lens, refocused for each set, and sharpest of the four used. Shot raw and processed in LR with all defaults except sharpening set to 45/0.7/35, WB adjustments, and some shadow increase on the edges of the frame to counteract vignetting. Composite comparisons show center, midrange, and extreme right edge, all 100% crops.

All lenses are reasonably well centered except for the Sigma, which exhibits significant tilting at 50mm at all apertures (full-sized 50mm f/2.8 image - left side soft) - also tilted at 70mm but less so.

Composite Comparison: 24mm
Composite Comparison: 28mm
Composite Comparison: 35mm
Composite Comparison: 50mm
Composite Comparison: 70mm

Here is a composite showing all four focus attempts for each lens/focal length. These are all wide-open (f/2.8 for all lenses except the 24-105, which is at f/4). Note that focus group 'b' has contrastier lighting vs group 'a' since they were shot after all group 'b' images were taken.

Composite Focus Comparison: 24mm
Composite Focus Comparison: 35mm
Composite Focus Comparison: 50mm
Composite Focus Comparison: 70mm

Here is a comparison of the FOV @ 24mm between the lenses. The Sigma 24-70 has a noticeably wider FOV vs the other lens. Framing was done so that content of the right edge is the same, meaning FOV differences will be noticeable by how much content you can see at the left edge of the frame:

Animation: FOV comparison @ 24mm

Finally, here are galleries with the full-sized images for the crops displayed in the composite comparison images. All are from focus group 1a except for the 24-70Z @ 28mm, which is focus group 2a. You can download all images in each gallery via a single-click of the downward facing arrow to the immediate left of the green "Buy Photos" button.

Full-Sized Images: Sony 24-70 GM
Full-Sized Images: Sigma 24-70 DN
Full-Sized Images: Sony 24-105
Full-Sized Images: Tamron 28-75
Full-Sized Images: Nikon 24-70Z

Nikon Z7 Sony a7R
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