A question on 4/3's sensor versus APSC

Started Jan 23, 2020 | Questions thread
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20 megapixels ar OK

When I wrote this post the whole idea was that in my mind if you like 4/3 aspect ratio the megapixel gains of  say a 24mp APSC may well be lost if you would end up cropping to 4/3. Also it's point is that on 4/3 20 megapixels are just fine and comparable to APSC  especially if you mostly crop to 4/3 aspect ratio anyway.

If you like 3x2 then those extra pixels are of course not wasted on you.

There are also many full frame cameras in the 20 -25 mp arena so what's wrong with 20mp in m4/3's cameras?.

Making the 20 megapixel sensor the best sensor it can be is of course important.

Improving noise, dynamic range are great but I think that no one is expecting huge advancements anytime soon in any format.

Camera advancement like improved autofocus tracking are where improvements can be made for Olympus.  Other computational improvements are also great especially if many of them can be passed on to older cameras through firmware updates.

It seems to me that we are at a similar point to where I was back in the film days with my OM2. A new camera only came along once in a long while so we saved our money for lenses, flash and other accessories. I don't think that's a bad thing.

Of course if some miracle sensor advancement is just around the corner then I will be happy to be wrong.

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Thanks, Mike

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