comparing a6600 and ai against the a7r4

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Re: comparing a6600 and ai against the a7r4

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The A6600 may be a competent 24 MP camera, but it is nowhere near a 61 MP camera.

You mean 26MP, right? How do you enable 61MP in APS-C mode?

The 24mp is from the a6600, gigapixel produces a resizing/scaling up to anything you want (within reason) but 60 seems fine actually. I think this approach is preferable to a 60mp sensor if I’m honest, for me, as it does mean you only produce higher when needed. Key is the glass, the better the glass the better the results!

This approach is only preferable when you have a 24 MP camera, but need a pseudo 60 MP image.

You might be saying the same thing in a different way, but I only produce a small number of very large prints so 60 on every image is pointless.

Why? Because the current largest FF size was:

  • 12 MP (2005)
  • 21 MP (2009)
  • 36 MP (2013)
  • 42 MP (2016)
  • 60 MP (2018)

That's a moving target - the funny thing is that every time the bar is set one step higher the former maximum size becomes for many the golden standard - I have a very simple explanation for that - price - the manufacturers charge less for the 2nd last generation and that's why people get more attracted.

Storage space costs nearly nothing today - you'll even get up to 8 TB in a MacBook now as standard - that would equal more than 100,000x 60 images - that would be a very long photo trip and nobody disproves brings larger disk space with you

Benefits are deeper than that though, for wildlife or when reach is a priority the a6600 has better performance technically than any FF. Obviously if you can put your FF sensor uncropped on the image then that’s a different story.

What's the difference of a cropped A7R IV and a uncrossed A6600 in wild life - ah well 2 MP more for the A7R IV

Other than that I can see no advantage for a crop body. Even the weight difference diminishes once you get to longer focal lengths since the maximum you can get in crop lenses is at Sony 350 mm - which is btw not really bad - but quite short for wildlife

When you regularly need 60 MP images it's always better to start with a 60 MP camera.

If you regularly need it, agreed, those with 24 and 42 might only need it sporadically though.

Is that true - what happened to all those 12 MP users with a D700 or a 5D ? Why do they 'need' now 24 or 42 MP ?

I guess it is simply a question of money and this is understandable but not a technical reason.

Then, when you need it, you can apply the PP trickery and create pseudo 100 MP images, and irritate the Fuji GF crowd with it over on the MF forum.

Although they would probably have much less time for this kind of attitude than the good folk over here on this forum.

I do think the Sony E APS-C forum would have been more appropriate for your thread.

I think it’s of interest for people without 60mp cameras, certainly the a7r3 produces good results if a little too much aliasing for my taste and the 24 of course have those nasty aa’s

Of course older technology works still fine - there is no need to do an excessive testing - in case it works fro you be happy - I was using for a long time film when digital came up since I did not like a crop sensor or the limitation of 12 MP - instead I bought a large format camera with almost unlimited resolution.

Things move along and today I can safely state that 60 MP rival 4x5" easily and maybe even 5x7" large format film at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the weight.

I'd ev en go so far and say that the A7R IV is the best camera you can buy at this point in time since it is two cameras - a long range crop camera with 26 MP and a FF camera for ultimate DOF control - the resolution is a secondary effect - more important is handling and the better AF for the situations when MFing is no option.

In case it is too expensive now it is easy to assume that prices will erode in latest a few months or when the A7R V will be announced.

Waiting has always been an option for me personally.

You‘re sure, that you don’t mix up personal preferences with a technical discussion?

I could argue with every argument you brought up and I guess you will go to your fellow low budget friends to show off your lower investment perceived high class gear

I would buy a Phase One the minute I have the resources for it - nevertheless my current gear offers independent from the sensor size enough headroom for my limited creativity

Larger means better and most of all heavier. I love the new back button focus more than everything else on the A7R IV

This button alone is worth the investment for me

It was important to head toward the 60mp goal for FF as this essentially catches up with aps-c pixel density and negates aa filters, although it is still much worse than I'd of expected at 60mp. What's surprising though is that although you can of course use it in crop, actually I'd avoid it and crop in post. I wouldn't of expected this, crop on the a7r4 is technically behind the a6600, but if that's all you've got at your disposal and it helps framing I suppose you've got to do what you think is preferable.

I don't personally see any handling benefit with the a dslr style camera like these, central evf's put your face too close to the controls and corner evf's provide more room, especially to use the screen as a track pad, joysticks being particularly slow and over rated, imo. With the myriad of custom options and the improved grip on the a6600 I don't find anything appealing on the a7 series. Now that I can produce large prints at will from 24mp comparable to just about any camera there is little appeal to carrying larger gear than I need to

Seriously - you need more income and maybe a few years in a joyful photographic environment.
Horses for courses - NASA equipment hardly does adress the stuff I want for many things - 20 .. 30 k EUR in 10 years for gear with the outlook for getting a good deal back after using the tools is not worrying me.

( even as a student I spent 20 k Deutschmark for photo and a computer 35 years ago )

I invest more for traveling now though - clever bought and maintained gear pays for the next activities a few years later - always - relax - be happy with what you have and don’t look here for any blessing.

Most buy gear because it is fun and offers new options. Even though I don’t have an A9 II, I clearly understand the need for this kind of tool.

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