For Sale: Petzvar 120 3.8 P6 Mount, Nikon 15mm 3.5, Topcor 25mm 3.5

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For Sale: Petzvar 120 3.8 P6 Mount, Nikon 15mm 3.5, Topcor 25mm 3.5

PM me for pics. This keeps freezing up when I try to upload some.

Petzvar 120 3.5--Here is a very cool lens that I hate to part with, but I need the funds so it must go. I was not one of the original Kickstarter backers, but got it from a friend who was. My intent was to use it with one of my Kiev bodies, which I did fairly often, but once I got a P6 to Nikon adapter, I used it only with my D800e. The lens is not necessarily the sharpest knife in the drawer, but if you’re looking for some decent sharpness with amazing and unique bokeh, this is your guy. Google this lens if you’re not familiar with it. Asking 350 net to me and I'll pay for shipping in the US. No international, please. PayPal fees on you. No friends and family for both of our protection.

Nikon 15mm 3.5 Fisheye with four filters-- This one will hurt the most. I love this lens and hate to sell it, but money is not being a friend of mine, nor is my soon to be ex wife. The glass is clear as day and the lens comes with four filters, one of which needs to be attached while using it. It’s a manual focus, but as most know, focusing while the aperture is set at say 5.6, everything is in focus beyond a few inches. Asking $675 and I’ll cover shipping. No PayPal friends and family. PayPal fees on the buyer.

Topcor 25mm 3.5--This is one killer lens. I used it on my Olympus m4/3’s bodies and it is he jam. It’s rare to find one in such a nice condition. It has a Skylight filter attached on the rear and there are other filters available for it, they just cost a lot. From all I’ve read, a filter must be attached for use. I did see a set available on that auction site for around $50, which is as cheap as I’ve ever seen. I don’t have the OG caps for it, but since it’s always been mounted on the adapter, I just use a m4/3’s rear cap. The main thing to keep in mind if you’re considering this is the aperture must be set prior to mounting and you need to find a way to keep it set at whatever approximate f stop you want. I found that clipping round toothpicks to various lengths and sticking them in the lever worked the best. It’s a mild pain, but the look you’ll get with this is top notch. When I figure out how to get pics uploaded,, you can see the lever that sets the f stop located around the 5:30 position. When it’s resting and the lever is to the right, you have the lens stopped down all the way. Moving it to the left opens it up and you can see where a toothpick sized object fits in. Anyway, asking $300 with shipping on me, PayPal fees on you. No friends and family.

Please message me for pics or more info. Hopefully I can add pics and not lose all my text when I do.

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