Antelope Canyon Arizona without a tripod

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Antelope Canyon Arizona without a tripod

Hi all,

I previously posted a more general question for advice on my upcoming trip to Arizona in February, and got some great feedback from people here.  I greatly appreciate it.  This is a follow up with more specific questions about Antelope Canyon photography. I have done a lot of searching here and learned a lot.  Let me know if I have any of these wrong:

1) There are no more photography tours of upper or lower. No tripods or backpacks allowed, one camera allowed per person

2) Crowding has become a real issue over the past few years

3) Since I am going in February, sunbeams are less likely because of the angle of the sun.

4) Also since I am going in February, it will still be crowded, but I'm hoping not as crazy.

5) Due to the amount of dust in the canyon, changing lenses is not advised

Two specific questions that I have left:

A) Without a tripod, it will be tough to get properly exposed pictures without either cranking up the ISO or using a wider aperture, reducing DOF.  My initial thought is to go more of the raise the ISO route, since in most cases you want most of your photo to be in focus.  What light levels should I expect?  I am think of touring the lower canyon.

B) What focal length is ideal?  I have read some conflicting things here.  I have a Sony A7iii FF. Lenses I have are either a Tamron 28-75, or Samsung 24mm.  The Samsung is too limiting, but I think I will find places in the canyon where the 28-75 won't be wide enough?  I do have an A6000 (crop) that my wife can carry with either the 16-50 kit lens or a Sigma 16mm.  I'm thinking that a 16-35 would be a lot more effective on my FF camera?  I have also read that 16mm on a full frame is necessary to capture all of nearby horseshoe bend.  If I go the 16-35 route, I would either have to rent or buy used and sell after the trip.  My general photography needs can't justify the cost of owning that lens.

Thank you all for any suggestions.

Sony a6000
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