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Re: Strange dot line in image

alpha604 wrote:

This is strange especially as the note about it moving around the frame... it is tough to tell by the images provided, due to the crop on a few of the examples. It does seem to traverse the frame being predominately near the bottom then the top, which is odd.

My first thought was it looks a bit like the telltale dots that laser damage - but those wouldn't move around the sensor, they would be fixed.

Next I would think that you are seeing something at the pixel level, due to something affecting the interconnected pixels, however the wiring is typically horizontal, so when in landscape versus portrait mode, you most often see this line horizontally - but here they seem to be vertical on a horizontal frame.

If it is in some shots but not others - have you ruled out dust or scratches to the lens or internal elements? This would account for the fact that it is in some shots but not others (varying aperture / focal lengths, and always in one line, but not in same place could be as a result of the variable lens settings and the curvature of the affected element).

  • Do you have any other cleaner images showing the dots - on a clean solid background?
  • Does the line change it's horizontal position, or just the vertical? like will it always be in the center of the frame, or do you see this in the center and at the edges, top and bottom?
  • Does the line seem to move randomly or is it in different modes or different camera/frame orientations?
  • Is it in every shot/image captured?

I tried to shot at a white and solid color background. But i found nothing. I also mimic the focal, aperture and iso of the affected image.

The line always at the lower right corner of the images. I have not tried if the line is at the same place or not But the dot move randomly along the line and the number of thr dots also randomly.

It appear in a few photo, about 3 or 4 of 100 images.

As i show 3 image above, it is 3 images of a burst shot, but only 2 have those dots, the other one is clear.

UPDATE: I check the raw files, they don't have any dots, only the JPEG file have those dots.

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