GFX EVF upgrade [with EC-XH W]

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GFX EVF upgrade [with EC-XH W]

Many of you here will know I have issues with my GFX 50S EVF constantly flickering, because I am 'overly sensitive' to high frequency flicker (I've always known this), and the 50S/R EVF's do have a relatively low refresh rate.

It's most pronounced out of the corner of one's vision, where the light receptors in the eye are more sensitive to movement (rather than colour or detail as in the centre).

So looking at the corner of the image in the EVF, I will see severe flicker in my peripheral vision towards the opposite corner.

I've reduced this effect by,

1. using the slightly smaller EVF view (where the exposure details are below the frame rather than within it) so there's less peripheral vision involved ...and I prefer not having to skate my eye over large images

2. keeping the EVF brightness at or below the centre '0', any brighter and the OLED flickers more as it pushes more aggressive on/off light pulses out - that's the nature and downside of OLEDs (unlike normal LCDs).

Anyway, in normal outdoor light it's been near impossible to keep the EVF brightness to '0' (and why most people use the harsh Auto brightness mode!). Then I realised this is only the case as there so much stray light entering the eye from around the EVF - due to the really flat eyecup.

Enter the £18 Fuji 'wide' eyecup, EC-XH W.

Now when outside I can keep the EVF brightness down to '0' (or less!) and the EVF experience is so much sweeter, like being in a dark room and looking through a window - no glare from the sides, and oddly now feels more analogue than looking at a small TV.

A cheap, and for me a revelatory upgrade...

Of course it rotates for left or right eye shooters. Which brings me onto the only two downsides..

1. For vertical/portrait shooting you need to rotate the eyecup for a proper fit, when you are quickly switching between orientations this stops your flow, though as the tear-drop shape isn't that pronounced it can be used without rotating it for the odd shot. This one issue may make it a no go for some, but for my predicaments it's a minor inconvenience.

2. As you can see with the LCD open flat you need to be a bit more back from looking straight down to avoid the eyecup obscuring the LCD.

There is a larger wide eyecup made by a third-party, JJC, but that looked just too large and somehow cheap and there's another by vhbw-tec but that's even larger, the Fuji one is not overblown in size, made of good quality rubber, doesn't hinder the opening of the LCD - whichever way you open it, and the eye-sensor has no issues.

Mainly this is a massive improvement in the EVF experience, so massive I had to tell all you guys about it!!

I recommend it to all 50S & 100 owners (it fits the GFX 100 as well), with that one caveat of needing to turn the eyecup when switching between landscape and portrait orientations.

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