Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

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Re: Help... Nikon DX and lens for indoor and outdoor sports and more

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I would suggest that instead of those lenses you consider the standard 18-55 mm vr and a 70-300VR lens. you should be able to get both of these for the cost of the 18-200. The current 70-300 DX is regarded as a very good telephoto for DX bodies, better than the 18-200.

Nikon has at least three 70-300mm VR lenses:

  • The AF-P DX VR that you mention.
  • The AF-P FX VR.
  • The AF-S FX VR.

A similar lens is the 55–300mm AF-S DX VR. But Nikon also has 70-300mm lenses which lack VR. For instance, there is an AF-P DX lens without VR. It is therefore very important to pay close attention to specifications so that you do not get a non-VR lens by mistake.

For a D7200, which of these is the best? It would take a FX and a DX, correct?

The AF-S FX VR is a older lens and does not have a good reputation. The newest FX lens is this one It is a superb lens, but more expensive than the DX lenses. The best DX lens is the VR version.

These are shot on the Newer FF lens.

These were shot on 3 different bodies D300, D500 and D800. For outdoor use I never have a problem with the Max aperture.

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