A question on 4/3's sensor versus APSC

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Re: A question on 4/3's sensor versus APSC

Thanks for all the replies. Most of them agree with my own observations but with more facts to back it up. Thankyou s_grins for the kind words on my photos.

From all the comments I would say that we are really not losing out in the megapixel contest. If we're here because we like the 4/3 aspect ratio then we get to keep basically all of the current 20 mp instead of having a 3x2 APSC camera where we end up throwing away a bunch of wasted pixels.

It does seem to me that reviewers are quick to point out the bigger sensor advantage of APSC compared to 4/3's but they never seem to mention that most of the size advantage is in achieving the wider aspect ratio.

Oh, I also prefer the greater depth of field in almost every situation. I have the 45mm 1.8 and that is more than shallow enough for me.

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Thanks, Mike

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