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clackclack wrote:

molly marsh wrote:


..you often (OFTEN) say things about advanced age (with no experience of that either, I'll point out).

I know (◔̯◔),,, but I luv my old darlings here,, even .♥you♥... this may be reason I am the only young female here... Some come for a day and are never seen again,, have you ever asked why... I have been here since my school days and may be the only one that can see the DPR school yard as it is,,, or was,,,but then I am happy to put up with your dummy spits ( occasionally )

True i have no experience of being old but do have old parents,,, mind you they are very active.. I think that the other day you got the wrong end of the stick,, What I said was that ,,, that photos that were taken when you were young may have been good SP to you at the time but seen by a young person today are mostly seen documentaries of that time..

Example... Steve's comment on Sam's family heirloom of MLK. See below..

Thanks for posting Sam. Notice how all the men are dressed in suits...a begone era. Those children are now in their 60's. It's a better world today in many respects, but progress and real change moves slowly.

Steve addressed this photo as a documentary photo as well as others comments in the same vein... It points to exactly what I was explaining when you did your dummy spit...

You know it all but everyone knows

Wish I did...

..only old-farts take photos in shopping centres.

0,god I thought those oldies were just stalking me,,, you mean they were taking photos of me... Bloody street photographers...

Maybe you could save this one for when you are old ..so that you can be farty later on (instead of now).

So did you like the shot just a teeny weeny little bit then????




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