Fuji X-T3 sudden overexposure during CL

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Re: Fuji X-T3 sudden overexposure during CL

ohaya wrote:


I was able to do some shooting today and it was one of the first bright sunny days that we've had in awhile.

I shot with the metering mode set to multi and to average, and I still got sequences of way over-exposed images.

I think I will have another opportunity tomorrow, and I will try center-weighted.

If that doesn't help then I will have already tried all 4 metering modes :(....


EDIT: Here are two shots in sequence. As you can see, the exposure for the first one is ok, but then the next one is really badly over-exposed.

Then, the next one is way over-exposed:

I hope you don’t mind I butt in here. It seems to me that if you have the sun at your back or at least not in the shot that the average light won’t change much from shot to shot. I would go manual with the exposure and use ETTR technique and ensure I didn’t blow out the white bits of spray and such. That way, you don’t loose any information due to overexposed lights. If the sun is coming in and out of your panning, this obviously wouldn’t help you!

i am not a sports photographer, and I have never shot surfing so I may not be on to a good option for you. All I really know is that you do not want spot metering at all. It will meter off of the dark of the water one time and off of the white spray the next like exposure-pong.  Average or matrix should do the trick, keep in mind, you may want your “ blowout blinkies” on (sorry I don’t know the official term) so you can know when to dial back the EC dial if need be. I find matrix or multi overexposes 1/3-2/3 stop in a scene with high dynamic range. YMMV.

i am curious as to how you manage!

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