Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

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Re: Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

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Interesting article and moving from my D800 to a Z6 that made me thinking, especially for a left eye shooter as the AF on button & focus point selector on Z6 are a lot closer to my nose as on D800. Any thoughts from Z6/Z7 users with a long-time experience .. do you still use it or have you switched ??? Is AF lock a good alternative ?

I still use it.

But I think the button itself needs to be updated. I like what Canon did in the new 1DX.

Or alternatively, make a larger, more comfortable joystick. Something Nikon could learn from is gamers: pick up a gaming controller and feel the thumbsticks.

The way gamers aim and move around is how we should be using AF: move the thumbsticks to move the AF point, and click them for AF-On. It is a single button, without having to move your thumb between one button to move the AF point and a second button to autofocus.

An even more brilliant idea would be if Nikon could figure out how to allow do tracking without having to move the thumb from the joystick to initially move the AF point, to the OK button to start tracking, to the AF-On button to start autofocusing.

Anyways back to the gaming interface: we can do this on the joystick-enabled Nikons, but the joysticks themselves are uncomfortable if doing this continuously for a while. They need more surface area and more fluid movement in each direction, and tweaking. For example, when one clicks down for AF-On, does it stop AF point selection, and how does one avoid unintentionally moving the AF point?

I couldn't agree more with these suggestions. Why can't I just program the joystick to BBF when I press it?

You can already program it for BBF

I just personally find it uncomfortable after a while. But if you want to set it up, go to the custom menu > controls, and you can set the joystick push to "AF-On".

See my post here from when the Z's first came out:

I had been thinking about making a custom solution for a while which involved making a little joystick over the joystick...maybe it's time to just do it...

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