Nikon Z50 weirdness

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Nikon Z50 weirdness

I took my Nikon Z50 outdoors for the first time today, visiting a local park. I was pretty pleased with how it performed.

However, a couple of strange things kept happening:

1. I would be composing a picture, and a box would pop up on the screen saying something to the effect (don't remember the exact words): "Insufficient light. Use flash."

The problem is, there was plenty of light, and I was getting exposure readings of 1/1600 sec., f4.5 at ISO 400. There was plenty of snow on the ground, reflecting plenty of sky. But when I half-pressed the shutter, the message would go away, only to reappear when I took my finger off the shutter.

2. The second thing that would happen is that several times after taking a photo, the picture review would come on at only 1/4 of the screen. If I touched the picture, it would then fill the screen. The next couple shots I would get a full-screen review. But then it would go back to 1/4 of the screen review.

3. Next, I was shooting some ducks swimming in a stream. I put my camera on AF-A mode, with wide-screen focusing. In this mode, if I press on the OK button, I will get a white square focusing area in the middle of the screen, and this will turn into a yellow box that begins tracking the subject when I press the shutter half way. But most of the time the yellow box would only appear for a second or two then disappear before I had a chance to fully press the shutter. If I remember correctly, this only happened with my 55-200mm f4-5.6 DX lens attached to the FTZ adapter. I don't remember it happening with my 16-50mm kit lens.

Has anybody else experienced any of these problems?

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