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Ok, I am not here to start drama/beef/uproar but I have a Leica question. So it seems that many folks just LOVE Leica cameras. They claim the Leica cameras are the best cameras in the world and maybe they are right. However, I wonder if the name is now associated with quality but maybe the competitors have closed the gap these days.

I pay $120-220 for Jordan brand sneakers. I don't pay that amount because the shoes are that much better but its a branding thing. Has anyone out there ever purchased any Leica camera and was underwhelmed with the product compared to other brands?


I doubt any Leica user or "fan" will claim they are the best cameras generally speaking. It may be the best for that person. There is not a "best camera". If you buy a Leica it is because you want or prefer the rangefinder experience. Some simply love the experience of shooting with a rangefinder, and the IQ is excellent. My Nikon probably takes more technical perfect images, but somehow I often prefer the look of my Leica M10 images. But I don't do much birding with it. Or wild life for that matter. But it is the perfect travel camera for me.

Cameras are much like cars. Various models serves different purposes and many prefer a specific brand. Tomorrow I'm going out shooting with my Fujifilm X100F just because I think it is fun

- iau

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