Lowest shutter speed but no motion blur

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Re: Thom's Quick and Dirty

ericbowles wrote:

Matsu wrote:

Here's a no nonsense quick guide from Thom Hogan. It's pretty spot on, and you can extrapolate most other scenarios from these.


Thom's suggestions are good, but the Birds in Flight setting at 1/1000 is far below the 1/1600 to 1/2500 or more that is currently used by most top bird photographers. I don't think you'll find a single pro recommending 1/1000 sec.

Fair enough.  I don't think he would disagree either.  He does note you might go faster or slower depending on the approach.  Faster for crisp wing edges, or even slower for birds gliding slowly overhead or into a landing.  In the latter case it's a bit like shooting cars: if you have good panning technique, you can go a lot slower.

When I first studied photography I would go down to a park near my house and practice on both geese and cars.  It was a slow moving shallow river bank with a fast bit of two land next to it.  Tons of geese would land on the water, and a lot of drivers would zip by the road "a little over" the speed limit.  I was using a 70-200 and D300 at the time so I couldn't get too far from the action.  After a while I got pretty good at it, and could shoot cars going 100kph or so at under 1/250s.  It was pretty funny because I'd get all these weird looks from the drivers who often slowed down and sped up again when they realized I wasn't a cop.

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