Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

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Re: Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

Still use it for 2 main reasons: it's difficult sometimes to hold down the shutter button half way while taking or not taking shots unintentionally, and holding the AF-ON button down actually helps me stabilize the camera better, especially when I press down on the shutter button to take a shot. Moving the AF point in between shots is not a big deal.

From the article: "What’s overlooked though is that it’s actually just as easily done with the default shutter focus method too by using AF-L (autofocus lock). The difference is that releasing the AF-On button in the case of back-button focus would stop AF-C and emulate AF-S, however with the default shutter focus setting, AF-C can be stopped to emulate AF-S by holding the AF-L button and then pressing the shutter button."

This seems silly...what's the point of not using the AF-ON button to use another button just like it?

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