Tilt and shift with a Fotodiox adapter

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Keith Cooper
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Tilt and shift with a Fotodiox adapter

A while ago I got the Fotodiox TLT ROKR adapter, to test with assorted Mamiya M645 lenses.

Part of my reason for getting it was to find cheaper ways of trying tilt/shift movements for people without the budgets for 'proper' tilt/shift lenses.  I've just finished writing a book about using tilt and shift (it's off at the publishers being turned from text/photos into a proper book ) and wanted to widen its usefulness.

What I hadn't thought was that I'd actually end up using some of the lenses for real (aka paying) architectural work, when the 26MP of my EOS RP would be enough (I normally shoot on a 5Ds).

With ±15mm of shift the Mamiya 35/3.5 and 55/2.8 have proved very useful. There are times when that extra shift really has made a difference.

35mm f/11 shifted up

35mm f/8 shifted up

Both lenses have their assorted aberrations, but I found that Topaz AI Sharpen handled the off axis shifted images really well when strong shift pushes some corners right to the edge of the lens image circle.

I don't use tilt a lot in my normal work, but in writing stuff to try and explain how to use it, it is sometimes easier to turn the dials up to 11, such as this shot across the reed beds at Snape on the Suffolk Coast, or the beach at Aldeburgh

35mm f/3.6 10º tilt to left

55mm f/2.8 tilted ~8º to the right

To finish, here's a set of shots using quite strong tilt on the 55/2.8 from f/2.8 to f/22

The plane of focus is easy to see at f/2.8, as is the softness of the focal plane at a distance.

If I was using tilt to isolate some near/far elements I'd probably look to somewhere in the f/5.6 to f/11 range, since I rarely want it to be obvious what 'tricks' I might have used...

I've written up a lot more about how to use tilt and shift, but forum rules prohibit a direct link to the article (I've no issue with this BTW)

Hope it's of some interest to people wondering about tilt and shift...

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