Lowest shutter speed but no motion blur

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Re: Lowest shutter speed but no motion blur

tommiejeep wrote:

Understood, only for shutter speeds and she never really had her eyes fully open while dancing . She does in some group images .

as close to open out of about 70 images

Wow! I guess the next step then would be to coach her


Cheers and thanks for the comment.

No problem. I just find that I love beautiful eyes.

The alternative to fast shutter speeds is using a flash with bounce or a couple remotely triggered in the room. They will freeze the action. Experimenting with letting in some ambient light may give you nice blurred trails to indicate motiuon coupled with a sharp outline. For dancing I would count on having maybe 10% good ones because I would use a shutter speed like 1/100 sec or so and then get sharp faces just as the dancer stops his motion to gyrate in the opposite direction. The dancer will have to reverse directions every now and then or float into space

To really freeze fast moving subjects you need to go to at least 1/1000 and even 1/2000 like the dog here (eyes open!). So we now know why people buy a FF Canon D1x or Nikon F4/5 etc. plus a 200mm F2 for indoors swimming contests with no flash allowed.

Nikon Z7 1/2000 F8 @ 500mm by using 300mm F4 PF + TC 1.7x

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