Q Vs Q2 - character difference?

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Re: Q Vs Q2 - character difference?

Khun_K wrote:

MattPointZero wrote:


I had a Q but had to sell it as I needed something more versatile for specific work - however, I loved the output from that camera and have missed it ever since!

I am now in a position where I could add a Q to my kit, either a Q1 whilst retaining what I have, or a Q2 if I chopped in some existing kit.

I have heard a few people who have had both suggest that, whilst the Q2 is obviously a more advanced camera, that there is some small tradeoff and that the Q1 had maybe more 'character' than the two in the final image.

Is there any truth to that? What do current users of both observe? Very subjective I know, and I am sure marginal, but I am interestedand just trying to weigh up genuine pros and cons to my purchase options. (I guess I am partially trying to talk myself out of spending unnecessary money!)

the character from the photographer, not from the camera

Please spare us this argument that is as productive as people stating that we are all entitled to an opinion. These are tools - just like a farmer might want a specific tractor or a painter specific brushes or canvas. I've been shooting for a long time for many publications like New York Times, French Nat Geo, etc and despite my "character" I use specific cameras for the job. I could not get the pictures that I take with my M10 using a Canon. I own 4 cameras and each have different purposes that influence how I shoot. My Rolleiflex leads me to think about what I shoot differently than my Mamiya 7 for example, and it is not just 6x6 vs 6x7 or eye level vs waist level viewfinder although it is obviously part of it. Similarly, my GFX 50 is dramatically different than my M10. Despite progress in AF, metering, etc, I still use my M10 for 95% of my work, if not more. That's not an accident! The choice of tools is not  a neutral choice and tools are not seamlessly interchangeable. Could I work with a Nikon Z or other camera - of course. Do I think I would get the same level of results, nope!

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