Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

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Re: Back button focus "outdated" due to new ML tech ?

Freecall wrote:

Interesting article and moving from my D800 to a Z6 that made me thinking, especially for a left eye shooter as the AF on button & focus point selector on Z6 are a lot closer to my nose as on D800. Any thoughts from Z6/Z7 users with a long-time experience .. do you still use it or have you switched ??? Is AF lock a good alternative ?

There is another indisputable advantage of using the AF-ON button, which is not mentioned in this article.

For example, I assigned exposure compensation in PASM modes to my focus ring on my lens, which is very convenient for me. Previously, when focusing and releasing the shutter was on one button while focusing (half-pressing the shutter button), I began to twist the exposure compensation ring, often accidentally pushing the shutter with my finger. And after switching to AF-ON, this does not happen anymore - you don’t need to be careful with your thumb - I press calmly AF-ON all the way without the risk of losing time to refocus due to an accidental “shot”. This can be said of any other manipulations with the camera between focusing and releasing the shutter (enlarging the image to check focus or something else) - if you use the AF-ON button, accidentally pressing the shutter is excluded.

This is especially true in the cold season, when gloves are put on your hands and it is difficult to precisely control the effort of half-pressing the shutter button with your finger.

This fully applies equally to SLR cameras and mirrorless cameras. Therefore, I think that it’s too early to “bury" the AF-ON button

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