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succisa75 wrote:

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I agree with almost everything you said except the C1 bit. How does Adobe not realize the full potential of the raw file? Fuji MF is not X-Trans.....

Thanks. What I mean by that is C1 renders the RAW image better than Adobe does. Its not that Adobe does a bad job, but C1 handles the nuances better. I noticed this when testing the GFX files on both platforms. I personally like LR better for its convenience and mobile platforms but for the GFX files I render the RAW images in C1 and bring the TIFF files into LR to do more of the final touches.

Well, I can't dispute that since I have never tried anything but LR in all these years.

If you have compared both in your own work and that is what you see then I believe you because you have and use LR and aren't one of those guys on the Fuji Board who go on these endless anti-Adobe crusades. You argue with those guys and it can get you in trouble with the mods over there. Believe me - I know.

I can't believe I used to fight with those guys and it got me in trouble with the Mods. I mean some of their Adobe statements over there are just really incredible.

But I'm a kinder-gentler soul these days and I just don't care if some dude doesn't like Adobe and rants mindlessly against Adobe on the Fuji Board.

I just wish we had all been smart enough to buy Adobe stock two years ago. They are killing it with the subscription model, which I happen to like very much. That is the best 12 bucks I spend every month.

Im a big fan of LR and Adobe products especially with the mobile applications (waiting for the improved iPad Photoshop app though 😊) but C1 does a good job.

I’ve never understood the anger some get over cameras and software. Unless someone’s life is determined by good and bad reviews on a product we should all embrace what great options are out there for all of us to use.

That is a great philosophy to have. You are right.  I have preached that to myself the last few years.  But it is easier here on the MF Board.  It is a different type of shooter on here.  I still get my blood up sometimes when a guy is obviously just trolling or brand-bashing mindlessly, or making incredible statements about the various sensor sizes and types....  But best to let the Mods moderate.  They don't need me to be their policeman.

I'm in Laos!

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