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Greg7579 wrote:

succisa75 wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

I agree with almost everything you said except the C1 bit. How does Adobe not realize the full potential of the raw file? Fuji MF is not X-Trans.....

Thanks. What I mean by that is C1 renders the RAW image better than Adobe does. Its not that Adobe does a bad job, but C1 handles the nuances better. I noticed this when testing the GFX files on both platforms. I personally like LR better for its convenience and mobile platforms but for the GFX files I render the RAW images in C1 and bring the TIFF files into LR to do more of the final touches.

Well, I can't dispute that since I have never tried anything but LR in all these years.

If you have compared both in your own work and that is what you see then I believe you because you have and use LR and aren't one of those guys on the Fuji Board who go on these endless anti-Adobe crusades. You argue with those guys and it can get you in trouble with the mods over there. Believe me - I know.

I can't believe I used to fight with those guys and it got me in trouble with the Mods. I mean some of their Adobe statements over there are just really incredible.

But I'm a kinder-gentler soul these days and I just don't care if some dude doesn't like Adobe and rants mindlessly against Adobe on the Fuji Board.

I just wish we had all been smart enough to buy Adobe stock two years ago. They are killing it with the subscription model, which I happen to like very much. That is the best 12 bucks I spend every month.

Im a big fan of LR and Adobe products especially with the mobile applications (waiting for the improved iPad Photoshop app though 😊)  but C1 does a good job.

I’ve never understood the anger some get over cameras and software. Unless someone’s life is determined by good and bad reviews on a product we should all embrace what great options are out there for all of us to use.

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