Nikon Z6 vs Nikon D780

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Re: Nikon Z6 vs Nikon D780

Home after surgery, nothing to do but rant:

I assume you understand that if you have DX/APS lenses for your current camera a full frame sensor will have to be used in crop mode and deliver a smaller picture file than with your current gear, so not an upward move in image quality.

Even if your F mount lenses are full frame there no assurance they will function optimally with the Z or that you will be happy with the ergonomics of using the FTZ adapter.

I have owned several iterations of the Nikon APS and full frame sensors. OCD has driven me to compare the same scene taken with the same lens, accounting for crop magnification, at varying ISOs--my personal version of the studio comparisons on this website. In my experience until hitting ISOs I uncommonly use the differences in IQ are not overwhelming. I only shoot raw so no opinion about jpegs.

What the Z has that the 780 does not is its excellent EVF which does everything an EVF can do in terms of readouts, zebras et al and like all EVFs facilitates hand held recorded video compared to a rear mounted screen. Nikon has promised to duplicate most of what the EVF does on the back panel of the 780 but if you have had problems using that panel in bright ambient light that will not change. Both have 4k video.

Much as I admire my Z6, and I do, it has some drawbacks. The biggest is lens availability and backward compatibility. Conversely if you have a stable of older manual focus lenses of varying provenance they can easily be adapted to the Z with inexpensive dumber than the FTZ adapters.

The list of native Z lenses is small, no definite dates for lenses on the blurry Nikon roadmap and its looking like no native Z mount autofocus lenses from Tamron/Sigma in this century. I think it would be a poor investment to buy new F mount lenses to use with the adapter on a Z as opposed to adapting those one already owns but to each her own. I have $ burning a hole in my pocket but no native Z lenses I want to buy.

The semi braindead FTZ adapter will not autofocus older AF lenses lacking an internal motor and is not compatible with lots of non-Nikon auto-focus lenses that will function as they should on F mount cameras. I believe your D7100 has the universal F mount with focus motor. I assume the D780 will retain that universal mount but that is not clear from Nikon's announcements.

For the Z lenses I have seen there is no to minimal advantage taken of the potential for slimming down the lenses by moving IBIS into the camera and the shorter distance to the sensor. The kit Z 24-70 is of the same heftitude as the older VR 24-85. To be fair that seems to be the case for all mirrorless full framers.

If you have a chance to hold the Z6 in one hand and your 7100 with lenses attached in another you may also be underwhelmed by the overall difference in heftitude. Hanging them from your neck will drive that point home. I am assuming the 780 will have the same bulkitude as the 750 but who knows.

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