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STILL relevant

2020: Still a goto (in certain circumstances)...

I've had this for a LONG time... Paid a premium (or so it seemed) at the time of acquisition - but it has outlived most other gear...

I'm an Adjuster so I've a plethora of point and shoot - or as the wife calls it - my collection.

This is the ONLY survivor of years of gear acquisition. If she broke - I'd be on eBay same day buying another.

I shoot 50k-70k P&S shots for work yearly (min). I have used DSLR's with commercial fire - and fiddled with them in the smoldering ambers and smoked meat smell - and yet I keep going back to this girl...

Why I keep going back and what she is NOT…

Yeah, yeah - is she slow to write an inordinately large raw file - TERRIBLY SO...

Burst - really doesn't have it. Shot to shot in RAW – like watching water boil!

Auto-focus with action (sports / lil’ one) – GOOD LUCK.

Video... It takes micro second clips only with no audio (better known as a photograph)...

Lightweight – compared to a bowling ball…

Pocket-able…. If you are a kangaroo (tight fit), for the rest of us – not a chance – this is huge even by full frame standards…

HOWEVER – this is a beautiful piece of glass that is right up to a big sensor, with functional controls (you learn) and just works (for me).

I had a D600 for a short while (‘FFD’ also known as full-frame drooling) – and tied with midrange glass – arguably the output was slightly better if you fiddled and kept shooting – as side by side – spent 15 minutes keying in on the perfect shot with lenses and lighting and dials and controls and so on. Got it from the R1 in about 45 seconds and three shots. Every time I talk myself into buying/trying another DSLR – I find myself fiddling to get ‘that’ shot, versus just shooting. Part of that is mileage, but part is the lens/sensor – something even by todays offerings – tough to match. At 70mm, light (on-cam) flash -2/3, inside lighting, in raw – poof – exceptional shot. I can set that shot in 10 seconds and I’m out. On the big D’s I’ve tried – it was NEVER quick (user-error I’m sure).

It MOST CERTAINLY has its limitations – but you will be hard pressed to match the output – in a timely manner even with an unlimited budget – and that is the bottom line.

In the Post-Fire – the wide shots and zooms I get with the cheapo Sony 32X flash are outstanding – WAY beyond the D40X and 18-200VR everyone told me to get – just no comparison.

This is a shooters camera - just like film - NO spray and pray here.  You see it, you frame it, you take it.  The 'art' is NOT lost on the R-1 - it WILL make you a better photographer (and teach you patience, and build arm strength - and a MONOPOD is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - as its an awkward hold for lengthy periods)...

Yes the RX1 makes me drool as well - as I'm a believer that the photographer needs to learn/get to know his tool.  They way I shoot the D600 is different than the way I shoot my buddies D750 - and they are quite close.  Thereby the RX1 - with all its horrendous reviews still makes me drool - cause I think I could make it work for what I need and ultimately make it shine - just like I did with the R1.  In 4 DSLR's - this R1 is the ONLY survivor (the others were great / sans 3000, but I wasn't great with them).

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Announced: Sep 8, 2005
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